Where are all the ordinary women in dystopian fiction?

I wrote The After Days because I was tired (oh so tired) of reading dystopian tales where the protagonist was a teenager or a male with superhuman powers. Where were all the ordinary suburbanites, doing their best in impossible situations? I wanted more books like The Handmaids Tale, Red Clocks, Vox, and Station 11.

In The After Days, middle-aged suburbanites Rachel Caplan and Zach Wu, as well as their friends Julie and Christopher Davis, battle not only the predators and scavengers but also despair, empty pantries, and sometimes each other as they struggle to survive an increasingly treacherous world without electricity.

The friends have post-graduate degrees and talents that bring success in normal Montgomery County, a suburb of Washington DC, but little knowledge that’s helpful in a dark Montgomery County quickly crashing into chaos.

The After Days explores the ethical quandaries and logistical issues of ordinary people striving to survive extraordinary circumstances. Turning to each other … and sometimes turning on each other … how far are they willing to go to survive?

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