Marketing Mayhem

When I wrote the first rough paragraphs of The After Days three years ago, I knew nothing about book marketing. While ‘expert book marketer’ will not be going on my LinkedIn profile anytime soon, I have to admit I’m rather enjoying learning about marketing novels.

Amazon keywords, for example, are particularly fascinating. Amazon enables an author to choose seven keywords (which are actually keyphrases) for a book. These keywords enable readers to find your book on Amazon, so theoretically if I choose Women’s Dystopian Fiction as a keyword for The After Days, and a reader types that phrase in the search bar, The After Days will show up in the results.

The trick is to choose keywords that people actually use to search AND that are not so broad that your book lands on page 485 of the search results. All of us being the busy, lazy people that we are, unless a book is on that first page of results, no one will find let alone purchase that book. Women’s Dystopian Fiction is far too broad — The After Days would be listed on a page far, far away from any reader. But perhaps Older Woman Dystopian Fiction might work — it’s a term people type in the search bar but there aren’t too many book in that category.

It’s all kind of a crapshoot as one auditions different keywords, but with perseverance and a bit of luck, I’ll choose the right ones for The After Days. As much as I loved writing this novel, I’d kind of like some folks to find and read this compelling dystopian twist on book club fiction. (A phase that just might make a good keyword.)


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