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Can you imagine a life without electricity, running water, or any of the things we have today because of them?

I find it hard to, although I have been wondering what that world would be like. Since reading The After Days, I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of just how much we’ve come to rely on such things.

This book follows two couples: Rachel and Zach, and Julie and Chris. The four friends soon band together when the power goes out across most of the world. Before long, people are looting, running water into their bathtubs before their supply runs out, and in some cases, even killing people in the name of survival.

The author’s style is crisp, using just the right amount of detail to set the scene. She emphasizes the serious nature of such an event as the power going out worldwide, showing us just how much we take everyday necessities for granted.

She created well rounded characters that held my attention and helped the story to progress at a steady rate. Speaking of which, let’s discuss the four main characters.

I rate it 5 stars. 

A contemporary read that will really make you think about the world we live in today and how it could change at any moment.

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