An ‘Amy Ginsburg Moment’

From a Minnesota fan of The After Days:

I have found myself calling on your name for situations right out of your book.

Had a phone call today, a friend who lives perhaps 1 mile away from our house.  She was walking with a friend, who desperately needed to use the bathroom.  Could she come by? I said of course. Albert, when informed, responded ‘who is she, does she have the virus, that sort of stuff.’ It was what I called an Amy Ginsburg Moment: his fear.

Anyhow, the woman who is in her 80s, came in. I told her not to bother locking the door to the bathroom, and left a pile of paper towels for her while I had a nice chat with my friend who waited outside. When she was done, the woman told me she did not touch the faucet handles, nor the door knob, but she used the towel, etc.  A new set of rules and roles.  

Why am I writing to you about this is because it just jumped out that I called it an ‘Amy Ginsburg Moment’ as I shared your book thesis with my friends.  

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