About The After Days

In a world without power, you need the power of friendship and love to survive.

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The After Days is a riveting novel about a suburban woman who must find within herself the strength and ingenuity to endure a world suddenly without electricity, a world growing more chaotic and dangerous with each passing day.

“This is far and away the most compelling read I’ve experienced in a long time. No lie. This is seriously good. It’s fresh, entertaining, and thought provoking.” –Kathryn Johnson

Middle-aged suburbanites Rachel and Zach team with their friends to battle not only the predators and scavengers who lurk around every corner but also empty pantries, boredom, and despair. Turning to one another … and sometimes on another … four friends discover their post-graduate degrees and professional skills are wholly inadequate in a Maryland suburb crashing into bedlam.

How far are they willing to go to survive the Big Blackout?

Perfect for book clubs, The After Days is a gripping contemporary dystopian story that is both terrifyingly real and astonishingly tender. The After Days explores the ethical quandaries and logistical problems of ordinary suburbanites – people whose most recent problems were dodgy Wi-Fi and cranky bosses – in their struggle to survive in extraordinary circumstances.