About Amy

As a writer, I love to explore dystopian events through the perspective of ordinary people. I’m dedicated to giving my readers terrifyingly real, astonishingly tender, gripping stories that combine book club and dystopian fiction.

After graduating from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Public Relations and Psychology and backpacking around the globe, I earned a master’s degree from the University of Maryland while working and raising two amazing kids. Recently, I participated in the Algonkian Writer Retreat and Novel Workshop.

In my day job, I help nonprofits and businesses use communication and marketing to showcase what makes them extraordinary. I have more than three decades of experience leading, marketing, and raising funds for nonprofit organizations. I also serve as the executive director of Friends of White Flint, a nonprofit organization working to transform the White Flint/Pike District area into a walkable, transit-oriented, vibrant community. 

When I’m not obsessing over The After Days, I golf, bake, swing dance, spoil my granddaughter, think about working out, and read. Splitting my time between North Bethesda, MD and Bethany Beach, DE, I love laughing with my friends and family, all of whom have been incredibly supportive of my writing.

By the way, those aforementioned friends will tell you The After Days, is a great read. (Of course, they have to say that if they want invitations to the beach house, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.)